Juicy Apple Pie with Orange Flavored Buttery Crust

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Prepare time: 60 min
Bake time: 60 min
Yield: 10 servings

A dreamy apple pie recipe, with juicy raisins & cranberries, ground walnuts, and a rich buttery pie crust full of flavor. This pie crust can be also used to make tarts and cookies. At the beginning of the video, I give you an extra tip on how to make the recipe fasting, simply by replacing two ingredients.

Since this time of year apples are at their best, I suggest you give it a try and enjoy!!!


For the dough

  • 250 g butter
  • 140 g sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • zest of an orange
  • 450 g all-purpose flour
  • 100 g almond powder
  • ¼ tsp baking powder

For the filling

  • 1000 g green apples, cubed
  • 250 g sugar
  • 30 g butter
  • 70 g water
  • 100 g raisins & cranberries
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 100 g ground walnuts (approx.)


In a large wide pan put water, sugar and butter over medium heat.

Stir well and let come to a boil. Add the apples and cook for about 8 min until they start to soften.

Add the raisins & the cranberries. Stir well. When all the liquid has evaporated, mix in the cinnamon powder.

Remove from heat and allow the mixture to cool completely. (We’ll add the walnuts later.)

In the bowl of your mixer beat butter and sugar on medium speed until very fluffy. Add the eggs and keep beating.

Scrape the sides of your bowl and mix in the orange zest. Add 3 to 4 tbsp of flour and the baking powder. Mix on low speed.

Gradually add the remaining flour. Add the almond powder and mix gently until completely incorporated. Wrap the dough with plastic and refrigerate for 30 min.

Cut the dough into 2 pieces, ⅔ and ⅓. Put the small piece back in the fridge.

Butter and line a 32 cm / 12.6 inches tart pan with parchment paper. Spread the dough evenly into the tart pan making sure you also cover the sides.

Add half of the walnuts to the cooled apple mixture and stir well. Pour the filling into the tart pan and spread evenly.

Put the remaining ⅓ of the dough between two baking papers. Roll it out into a circle 32 cm / 12.6 inches in diameter.

Optionally, you can sprinkle extra walnuts over the filling.

Uncover the dough’s one side, lift gently, flip it and cover the filling. Remove the second baking paper carefully and pinch the edges.

Create vents and decorate the dough using your favorite cookie cutter.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180⁰C / 350⁰F for 50’. Then reduce temperature to 170⁰C / 325⁰F and keep baking for another 10 min. Place on a wire rack and allow to cool completely.

Recipe Video


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